Thursday, May 15, 2008


While I have watched her grow, she has helped me grow in so many, many ways and now she is closer to 5 than to 4.


Still loves princesses.

Only eats the white part of a hard boiled egg even after trying the yolk each time.

Enjoys doing "homework" in her workbook.

Has quite an artistic side.

Absolutely loves all her baby dolls whom she has often named after real live babies we know (Babies we know:  Ellie, Marco, Marie, Kenzie, Faith and, well, Baby Jesus.  Babies not named for babies we know:  Kisser and Baby Alive).

Calls Jordan, our oldest cat, her cat and would like to have a rabbit, a hamster and goldfish... please.

Cries when she's happy... sometimes... just like her Mama.

Can't wait to have a sleepover at her Grammie's house.

Is closer to 5 than 4 now... sigh... 

And yet for today and quite a few more tomorrows she's still only 4.

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