Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday, finally.

This week has been tough... Dave has left the house at about 6:45 each day and returned between 11-12 each night (one night he came home at about 8:30ish).  Basically, I use every creative bone in my body to entertain the children (although entertain might not be the right word if you know what I mean).  Eh.  I worked at preschool two days (one day in the nursery watching the younger siblings and today working the snack room... if it weren't for ziplocs and Capri Suns, I'm not sure what half of the class would do!) and went to visit my mom in Napa (we went here and strolled around the gardens and here and we were a day early for the produce stands grand opening and here although we went to the store in Napa and scored this ridiculous herbed flatbread in the shape of a triangle about 15 inches tall) so we've kept kind of busy.  

Hopefully, we'll have a weekend together as a family.

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