Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another geek moment.

So last week Monday and last night, too, I had my eyes pointed to the night sky.  Last Monday I noticed a bright white tiny light moving pretty darn fast from west to east and said something to Dave... he saw it too.  We both decided it was a satellite since it wasn't blinking and it was moving pretty darn fast.  Later in the week as I was listening to Hillary Clinton speak she mentioned something about a woman astronaut in space right now.  Huh?  So I look up on the NASA site about what's up there... Yup, the space shuttle had docked with the International Space Station (ISS) last week.  HOLY SHOOTING STARS!  At this point, I'm pretty sure we saw the ISS...

So last night, I look up the orbit of the ISS and that site is pretty darn cool.  It's about 9:45pm and I noticed the orbit of the ISS is over Southeast Asia.  Way too far too see it tonight... um, no!  There's another page that tells you where to look in the sky and at what time and day!  Woohoo... in about 10 minutes the ISS is passing over Concord!  So I take Ashleigh in the backyard (yes she's up... thank you!) and we look in the general direction which is SSW and wait.  

We didn't have to wait long although we had a false alarm when Ashleigh and I spotted another satellite.  This one was nearly straight above us but it was going the wrong direction.

Moments later though behind our neighbors trees I spotted a really bright light.  No blinking.  Going fast.  Yup!  I called Dave and we watched it streak across the night sky.  It lasted only a minute or so and then sped on.  So cool.

So we saw the space shuttle (or space kettle as Ashleigh says) last night! 

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