Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today we made cookies.  Well, we kind of made cookies.  I bought a package of snowmen shaped cookies from Trader Joe's and well, we busted out the icing and sprinkles and went to town.  Of course, the children wore their swimsuits.  Isn't that traditional?  Dude, it's California.  

So, when I for some reason or another was with my in-laws once on Valentine's Day, my father-in-law came home from work with a cookie for his wife and very sweetly he brought me one too.  A heart shaped sugar cookie with jelly inside and powdered sugar on top.  A quiet gesture from a quiet man.  He would make me dinner when I was pregnant with Ashleigh and needed to spend the night at their home because I was telecommuting and had to come into the office.  We would watch shows like JAG and 24 until Anne came home from teaching night school.  Good simple times.  

Tom passed away on Sunday.  I will be honest here.  The news brought me right back to my own father's death.  The look in Dave's eyes.  The horrible sickness in your gut.  Realizing it will be Tom and Anne's wedding anniversary in a few days.  It's all miserable f'in shit.  Time is the only thing that makes it better.

And so I will always remember those humble moments of his kindness and generosity.  Tom's way of showing his love for you.  Thank you, Tom.  Godspeed on your way home.


Molly said...

Thank you for the memories. It was the quiet times. I personally wish they had not ALL been so quiet.

Jane said...

Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with you all.

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