Saturday, February 14, 2009


In between the recent rainstorms, we cleaned out the raised beds.  The children had a wonderful time "helping" and playing in the dirt.  The only plants left are the pea plants pictured below, spinach, green onions and beets.  The peas finally decided to show up.  They grew and grew and then grew some more.  But no actual peas.  Finally about a week or so ago we noticed the flowers starting to produce.  The beets got upturned a couple of times when Gypsy buried a toy among them.  I probably won't do them again.  Too much work, unfortunately.  The carrots worked out great.  We pulled them all out too and they were so sweet.  Not at all like the ones at the store.  I'm pretty sure we can grow those year round.  Oh and the broccoli.  So, they grew and grew.  Then we had broccoli florets and then the next day they were gone.  Stinky squirrels, I'm guessing got them.  I should have just harvested them that day.  Live and learn.  Thinking about planting more stuff soon but it needs to dry out a bit and well, I just don't want to do it yet.

And on that note... Happy Valentine's Day!

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