Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I ran in circles.

On Sunday, I ran around a track near our house. Round and round and round and round again. I thought I would be bored but I wasn't. Inside the track there were children playing soccer or practicing soccer or minimally running around chasing a soccer ball with a parent blowing a whistle behind them. The time went by fast.

Dave took the children to the park that is attached to the track. Every time I got close to the playground, the family would run out to me and give me a high five. Totally awesome. At one point, Ashleigh ran a lap with me.

So for what it's worth I ran just over 3 miles and my average moving pace was 10:36 min/mile. Better than I thought I was doing.

I'm trying to shoot for closer to 10:15 min/mile and then even closer to just a straight 10:00 min/mile. So for those interested in how I keep track of this minutia, I use this fabulous gem, the Garmin Forerunner 405CX:

The price tag is a bit lofty however I got a $50 rebate plus used a 20% off coupon and dividend points from REI. I think that brought it down to less than half the original price.

Amazing little piece of machinery. So while I don't really need to scrutinize every tiny detail of a run, I really want to know what my heart rate was while I was nearing collapse at the end of that 3 miles.

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