Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Running music

So, when I first started running, I used our big iPod.  Lugged that thing around for what reason?  I don't know.  Anyway, I figured out that the little iPod Shuffles we had worked a lot better.  Then for Mother's Day last year, Dave and the children got me an iPod Nano that has a cool feature where you can hook up this little pod to your shoe and then it talks to your Nano.  Kind of cool except when you accidentally put the entire Nano in the washing machine.  Big time bummer.  That pretty much does the Nano in.  Anyway, in the time that we were, thankfully, getting our money back for the Nano, I got the Forerunner watch.  That watch pretty much does everything the Nano did plus more.

So, now I'm back to the Shuffle and it works.  I've compiled a playlist of just over an hour of music.  And now for your listening pleasure I give you a selection of some of my favorites that I run to.

Allman Brothers, Midnight Rider

Jay-Z, Empire State of Mind

Florence + The Machine, The Dog Days Are Over

Survivor, Eye of The Tiger (naturally)

There are others that get me through a particularly tough spot but these will do for now.

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