Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Even more bunny crafts

I've saved up a ton of empty toilet paper rolls in hopes of some sort of inspiration will hit me eventually. Not wanting to waste our waste and all and soon it will be Earth Day!  Hooray for the Earth and to keeping her warm and cozy and safe!

The other day I cut out a bunny shape from one of the rolls (I'm certain that I saw this somewhere out there on some craft blog somewhere).  I let Ryan doodle away on that first one.

Today, though I got a bit more crafty.  Clever little bunnies, non?

 The children and I chose to go with more natural colors for our bunny napkin holders and I think they turned out great.  I had to cut them out but I think my seven year old girl could have managed it.  The painting was lots of fun and so was the choosing of the paper flowers.  The possibilities are truly endless with this one.

Again, if you want to off the page and create another craft, well, who's to stop you?  When he finished painting his bunny, Ryan dipped his tube and made paint circles.  Ta Da!

Ashleigh's hand drawn face.

Ryan's hand drawn face.

We'll definitely decorate our Easter table with these little guys!

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