Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hunting and Dyeing

We were invited to a local neighborhood pool's egg hunt and party this weekend.  Lots of fun!  There was face painting, sugar cookie decorating, donuts and juice and an Easter bunny.  We even won some gift certificates at the raffle!

Later that day we dyed our Easter eggs using natural dyes. The colors weren't as bright as the regular egg dyeing kits however the colors have a subtle beauty. 

Clockwise starting at the top (yellow onion skins, red cabbage, beet juice, turmeric and grape juice)

Our eggs weren't all white.  I had about 5 white, 3 slight blue and 4 that were a tinge of brown.

Top row: the 1st two are yellow onion skins, turmeric, grape juice, grape juice and turmeric, beet juice on a light brown egg
Bottom row: beet juice and turmeric, purple cabbage, beet juice on a white egg, turmeric, beet juice on a light brown egg, plain brown egg not dyed

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dishingthedivine said...

This is so cool! I barely have the patience to dye eggs, let alone make my own dye, although you've definitely intrigued me. I keep seeing pics in the blogophere about people getting patterns on their eggs (i.e. leaves). Not sure how they do that, but it sounds like a good next step! :)

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