Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Play Dough Bunnies

So, what do you do with homemade play dough from Valentine's Day?  Well, around here you make Easter Bunnies!

I have a book titled, Fun with Nature, that has been a great resource for my outdoor nature loving children.  There is a section on rabbits.  All sorts of rabbits, Eastern, Marsh, Snowshoe.  You name it!

After checking out all the different types of rabbits, we were inspired by the book's ideas and took our play dough from Valentine's Day and shaped it into cute little Easter bunnies. Super duper easy!

We used some paper, crayons, scissors, buttons, brads, cotton balls and pine needles to complete our bunnies.


If you aren't really interested in making the aforementioned bunny then you can do lots of fun things, too!

1. You can take your oil crayon and stick it in one end of your play dough.

2. You can flatten it out and pretend it's a cell phone!  Hello?  Hello!  Hi.

3. You can roll out your cotton ball and use it as a disguise! Where did Ryan go and who is this?

4. You can even just simply pop the cotton ball on you finger and claim you have a terrible ouchie!

Here are our final creations. Ashleigh created a little toadstool/fungus for her bunny to ponder whilst in the forest. I was explaining to the children as we were making our masterpieces that art has many forms including paintings, sculptures, photographs and on and on.  Also, I talked about how artists often title their creations.  Ryan informed me that the flat long sculpture with the long piece of cotton is titled, "Soft-D Play Dough" and the rolled up piece at the bottom of the photo is called, "Hot Dog Rodeo."  Ta Da!

One quick note: Our play dough is made with canola oil so I would not recommend setting your masterpieces on any wood or stain absorbent materials unless you have placed a barrier down in between.

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