Sunday, April 17, 2011

This week's meals.

We didn't grill today because we just didn't feel like it.  Instead of grilling we used leftovers from Saturday's steak that was so thoughtfully delivered by our friends and turned it into fried rice with steak and eggs.  Delicious!

This week I'm going back to some more recent favorites.

Monday - frozen pizzas (a 6pm Girl Scout meeting along with an all day field trip means a quick and simple dinner)

Tuesday - Baked Rigatoni with Ground Beef using a tomato and alfredo sauce

Wednesday - Chicken Pot Pies

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - Hot Dogs and some sort of salad or fresh fruit salad

Saturday - TBD

Sunday - Easter dinner at my mom's (aka delicious, delicious ham from her local market, Vallergas!)

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