Monday, April 18, 2011

Long Monday

Today was a field trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science.  It was a great adventure up in the foggy Berkeley Hills.

Later, after getting home at about 2pm and then doing carpool at 2:45 and then pick up again at 3:45 for Ashleigh after her Art class, I was exhausted.

At 6pm, it was back to school for Girl Scouts.

Finally home at 7:30 and then showers for everyone.

At about 8:15, after reading 3 short books, I tucked the girl and the boy in by myself as Dave was attending an 'After Busy Season' dinner.  I closed Ryan's door and said (I thought to myself) "Whew, what a day."  I heard Ryan say softly, "Yeah, Mama, let's see what tomorrow brings!"  Okay, sweet boy... just give me a short breather tonight.

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