Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring Break

We had a very relaxing Spring Break.  It was probably one of the most stress free camping trips we've done.  I'm not sure if it was how we packed or scheduled our side trips or how we just went with the flow (and then the pessimist in me thinks that this trip was the peak of our camping experiences and now we're on the downhill).

On Tuesday, we headed down to Watsonville to Sunset State Beach.  It's a funny little campground situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean and then to the east there are strawberry and lettuce fields.

As soon as we got all set up and dinner was done, we rushed to the beach!

We got to the overlook just as the sun was setting.  Amazing!

The next morning after a leisurely breakfast of pancakes and bacon, we headed towards the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  The Aquarium is just so wonderful.  The exhibits made even us as adults go 'Ooooh' and 'Ahhh!'

Just one of the out of this world jellyfish.

The leafy dragon seahorses were my favorite.

We really didn't know that this is how sand dollars look in their natural habitat.

The Aquarium has this super cool wave simulator thingie.  Basically a wave just like one in the Monterey Bay pours over you.  Lots of fun!

Ryan was absolutely thrilled!

Ashleigh loved the touch pools!

The children checking out the Great Kelp Forest.

Cheesy little boy.

Ashleigh with the seahorse statue!

Apparently it is common to "strike a pose" at the Aquarium sign.

Take 2!

On the final day of our camping trip, we figured out the weather pattern (aka the mornings are not windy at Sunset State Beach) and hiked down to the beach.

Reluctantly, we headed back home that afternoon although we are certainly ready for the 2011 camping season to really get going!

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