Friday, May 06, 2011

Cinqo de Mayo

We don't normally celebrate Cinqo de Mayo but who can resist a get together with good friends?  And when they bring dinner (a yummy taco salad), too?  Totally irresistable!  We hosted the party at our house and I offered to make dessert.  A quick search for cupcakes that matched the occasion and I found Margartia cupcakes.  Considering I made Guinness cupcakes on St. Patrick's Day (another holiday we don't really get into), I thought, why not?

They turned out awesome!  I changed the original recipe and added whole milk to the cake and butter to the frosting.  The flavor of the lime really comes through.  Next time (and there will be a next time soon with these little ones) I probably will make the frosting a little stiffer although I think the presentation is pretty cute with the addition of the strawberry.  Also, I'm going to use green decorating sugar that's a bit coarser or chunkier to make it really look like I rimmed the edge just like a real margarita. Salud!

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