Friday, September 08, 2006

Israel Pabon

After reading my entry, please visit , a project dedicated to 2,996 innocent lives who are even now deeply missed five years later…


How do you honor someone you know nothing about… you never met…? Today I will attempt to do that with an open heart and a hopeful spirit for a peaceful world.

A man, at the time, not much older than me was killed on September 11th, 2001 in the World Trade Center attacks.

The man, Israel Pabon, a “food service handler” left behind a wife, Karen, and three daughters, Pamela, Hannah and Sara… known to some as “Izzy” or “Boogie”… known also for, according to many entries left at tribute sites, an awesome pizza!

I cannot fathom the loss to such a young family… it is all incredibly unfair.

Having children changes the way you look at the world… these tiny miracles walking the earth around you every day, smiling, laughing, crying, learning, experiencing life… such precious moments never to be recreated again.

Here, a father taken away from his children… so young… is devastating… simply.

I pray that his wife is able to find some comfort… somehow… some way to fill the silent void of his life in her’s.

I pray that his children will not regret his death but will learn to seize each and every opportunity life gives them… to reach for the stars and cherish those memories… and honor the man that was their father in all of their intentions and actions.

Learning just a few simple facts about you, Israel, leaves me with a small glimpse and understanding of your life… perhaps not too different from mine at its core… love of a spouse, dedication to your children, camaraderie with friends and a passion for food… surely these are the things that truly do make the world go round… make life worth living… my heart is heavy and broken for you Israel and yet your spirit shines on…

I came across the following entries left on one tribute site… I feel it is the best and most pure way to honor Israel Pabon, a young soul taken too soon.

The entries speak volumes to me… Why those lives taken away on that day will never be forgotten… Why they won’t have died in vain… For we will remember…

And I pray that no child in any part of the world should ever have to write these words again.

“June 20, 2002

My daddy got hurt on september 11 he is 31 he made good pizza. I am six and i have two sisters ones name is hannah and the others name is pamela and she is 13 and she lives in puerto rico. I miss my daddy a lot he is with god and he was a good daddy. we love you daddy.

Sara pabon (New York, NY)”

“September 2, 2002

Dad, just in case, I want you to know that I will always love you!I pray to God keep your soul safe, until the day I see you again.

Pamela Pabon (Juncos, Puerto Rico)”

“September 8, 2002

I wish I could have spent more time with you and meet the kind of father that I
had.I am not mad with you I just wish I could see you before the plane crashed
so I could tell you how much I miss you thru all this years. I hoped always that
you see me graduate but I dont know why God didint grand me that wish. But Im
not mad cause I know you wanted to be there for me,dad.But you left me
early.Dont worry I will see you in the future and I hope to meet you


Pamela Pabon (Juncos, Puerto Rico)"

“April 14, 2006

daddy i hope to see u soon i was only 4 when u died miss u so much.see u in heaven
hannah pabon (new york, NY)”

Forever in our hearts… all 2,996 lives… never forget.


Sunshine36616 said...
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Sunshine36616 said...

Good job. Reading the words of Israel's children was heartbreaking. Israel helps us remember what a wide range of people had their lives taken that day; they weren't all businessmen, fireman and police.

... said...

Very moving tribute! It was heartbreaking to read what his daughters said...

Random me said...

Wow! This tugs at my heartstrings.. Beautiful tribute, especially seeing his daughter's words.

Wendy said...

Thank you for this tribute. I will be remembering Israel Pabon.

Tracy said...

Very well done.

Lizz said...

Wow. Thanks Ann Marie, for these words.

Monica said...

Ann Marie,
that was a very nice tribute. It is to touching to see the words from his family. These truly help us put a face with the devestation (sp?).

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