Monday, October 15, 2007

Environmentally & child friendly...

Today is Blog Action day... here's my part...

At Ashleigh's school there can be a lot of waste... paper towels, tissues, bits of paper scraps, etc... all in the name of play & learning! However, we do try to be a bit "greener" by:

Of course, recycling and having the kids put the items in big bins by the garden.

Use real towels/dish clothes instead of paper towels... it's even a job of one of the parents to do laundry once a week!

At snack time, we use plastic plates and real silverware so yes we do run the dishwasher everyday but we don't throw away 4 dozen paper plates a day!

I'm not a big fan of the cleaning products we use at school however the school is basically a petri dish of all things germs but I know there's got to be a better cleaner than Lysol in an aerosol can! Yuck!

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