Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grand Canyon Grand Adventure Part 1

Some time in July we kept trying to figure out how to go camping. Dave's schedule just wasn't working for a mid-week getaway and the weekends are always full around here.  So, Dave says, "Let's take a week off and go to, like, the Grand Canyon!" I thought, "Um, right, you funny man."  Then I thought and said, "Well, then I'll check it out." He gave me the dates that would work for his work schedule and then I went to work.

Turns out there is camping in the Grand Canyon and around the Grand Canyon and all over the place and for a really decent price too ($18/night within walking distance to the Visitor's Center is alright in my book). I found a spot that would work for our schedule (Tuesday - Friday) and our travel trailer and booked it. At that point all I could think of was, "HOLY SH!T... we're going to the GRAND CANYON!!!" 

Next it was managing all the details... yikes. 

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