Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grand Canyon Grand Adventure Part 2

The Grand Canyon is about 13 hours away from our home.  That means we needed two days to get there and on the other side of the return trip, too.  Most of that driving would be in the middle of California and the desert.  While checking out the roads we would be traveling on, I figured out we would be on or near Route 66!  How cool is that?  Well, we love road trips and nostagia and simpler times so this adventure was turning out to be pretty darn awesome.

I found a cool website called Roadside America that let's you plot out some of the best that this country has to offer.  Ghost towns, meteorite fields, and shoe trees... ah, the absurdities you can only find in America.

The Grand Canyon National Park is massive, however when I looked at the map of the South Rim Visitor Center area it seemed that it was similar to the Yosemite Valley.  There's a geology museum, an easy hike, plenty of ranger talks and nature.  Ah, nature. 

Next up... Day 1 & 2.

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