Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grand Canyon Grand Adventure Part 3

Day 1

We left at 7:30 am and got to Barstow at about 4 or 5ish, I think.  Long, long day but we were all excited.  As we left, I was having a bit of anxiety about forgetting something however Dave kept reminding me that we weren't leaving civilization and not to worry so much.

I packed a bin full of snacks (Bunny Crackers, Kid Clif Bars, fruit snacks, cuties and a big bin of grapes) for the children so if they were hungry then they could just reach right in and grab something.  I also reminded them of the trash bag but well that didn't always work. Everyone had a bottle of water too. I wouldn't call it a rule however we the children were allowed to watch two movies during the drive.  Thank goodness for that DVD player!

We took bathroom breaks as needed and had our sandwiches for lunch somewhere outside of Bakersfield up in the Tehachapi Pass area.  I was thrilled when we drove passed Edwards Air Force Base.  At this point, the scenery all looks the same; a whole lot of nothing.  During the day the colors are so dull and washed out but it really is at sunset that the desert seems to come alive with color.

The KOA we stayed at in Yermo (just outside of Barstow) was nice enough.  We had full hook ups so that really was great plus we needed that air conditioning!  Hot, hot, hot in Yermo even at bedtime.  The children and Dave rode their bikes around the campgrounds after we got all set up.  It was good for them to stretch their legs.

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