Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grand Canyon Grand Adventure Part 4

Day 2

As our reservations for the Grand Canyon didn't start until Tuesday, we had a day to check out the lovely town of Barstow.  About 3 miles from where we were staying was Calico Ghost Town, the largest silver mine in California.  The children loved taking photos with these silly 'stick your head in here and look I'm a bank robber' type things (what are these called anyway?).

Later we drove down Route 66 which goes right through the middle of Barstow and had lunch at In N Out Burger.  The KOA had a pool so in the hot afternoon, we enjoyed a quick dip.  After swimming, we headed back to our campsite and all of a sudden the wind really started to pick up.  About 15 minutes later, a huge desert rain storm came pounding through town.  It even hailed at one point!  The storm lasted only a short time and then it was gone.  Now it was not only hot but humid however the sky was amazing!  Of course, my children found a puddle to play in.

In the evening, as another long day of driving awaited us in the morning, we relaxed after dinner and simply made s'mores.

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